18. – 20. March 2022

„The path of the heart“

…and if I did not have love, I would be nothing….

1. Korinther 13,1

withJeaneth de Witte-Smit & Markus Sellner

Place: Haus Mariengrund, Münster

“Love is an indestructible force, the strongest in the universe.

We dance the way to grow into this powerful love.

Traditionally, they say of love:

The more you give, the more you receive.

If one allows oneself this experience, the following questions arise:

How can I make this love my own?

How can I ensure that it becomes an indestructible force within me?

And how can I become so loving that giving love does not exhaust me, but makes me stronger, and milder?” Hans Stolp

Registration:Ulla Röber