The Roots of Sacred Dance

The Roots of Sacred Dance

Brant Bambery in conversation with Friedel Kloke Eibl

In Findhorn regularly hosts an online Centrepiece with Brant Bambery. Friedel Kloke Eibl was invited to share her memories in conversation with him and to talk about Meditation des Tanzes.

“The Centrepiece Special Session” – “The Roots of Sacred Dance” Part 2 – The continuation of the memories.
A chance to be with Friedel and hear about “The Roots of Sacred Dance” and what it means to her after many years of experience in this field. Also a continuation from her talk on The Centrepiece “Roots of Sacred Dance”

We are happy to bring this to your attention, you can listen to the talk on Youtube at the following link:

The Centrepiece – Roots of sacred Dance – P2 – Continuing the Memories

Annual meeting 2023 and open Workshop

Annual meeting 2023 and open Workshop

17 – 19 March 2023

” Moving into the unknown”

with Sandra Pawlig and Froukje Anjema

“I said to the angel:
Give me a light, so that I may dance safely
I can dance towards uncertainty.
But he answered:
Dance in the darkness
and put your right hand
into the hand of God
and take your left hand
the hand of your neighbour
and trust your intuition.”
(freely adapted from a traditional Chinese saying)

Location: Evangelische Akademie Meißen

Registration:Ulla Röber

Flyer JHV 2023

Dance Trip to Latvia

Dance Trip to Latvia

RIGA – a very special trip

A small, very fine group travelled to Riga for a week at the end of August. Sister Diana Cermane had invited and prepared a highly varied and all-round fulfilling programme for us.

Each day began with a breakfast lovingly prepared by the Latvian dancers and an attunement created by Friedel and Saskia.

Then it was time to explore Riga and Latvia. Nature, culture and concerts, tangible history and current politics, but especially dancing and celebrating together with Diana’s groups left a deep impression and lasting memories.

A big THANK YOU to Sister Diana and everyone who made this special experience possible.

Angela van der Kamp

Impressions of the trip (pictures)

Feedback from some Latvian dancers


The most beautiful experience was meeting Friedel. I was welcomed like a long-lost friend, like a daughter coming home. When I danced with the German group, I immediately felt a mutual openness and connection. The dance connects us, we are together here and now. And it doesn’t matter where we come from or what language we speak. An absolutely selfless giving, where each of us shared the most important thing – ourselves – with deep, sincere joy.


I had a wonderful feeling – like meeting friends for the first time. From the first moment you feel so connected and close to all of them, as if they were your closest relatives or old friends. The feeling of closeness, even to the point of tears, was even stronger when dancing together.

I have never felt so happy, elated and joyful as during our week of dancing together.

My highest moment of happiness – our dance together with Friedel in the White Hall of the Rundāle Palace.

Anda M.:

My most beautiful experience with the German guests was singing and dancing together on Thursday evening to the sounds of the Kokle.


They were personally inspiring, enriching and characterised by mutual friendship

Diana S.:

I loved that we all shared the love of dancing!!! We were not separated by nationality, language or different outlooks on life!!! We were united by our respect for music and dance choreographers! The harmonious dance of Friedel and Saskia together touched us very much! And the special soulmate with Barbara!!!


: I was particularly impressed by the fantastic collaboration between Friedel and Saskia, both as mother and daughter, and Friedel’s fascinating wisdom, warmth and at the same time good and sparkling humour, and Saskia as a wonderful successor! It is a wonderful collaboration when everyone knows their place and there is a feeling of respect and love.


Meeting Friedel and Saskia – a lasting treasure! How is it possible that Friedel can dance with words and Saskia can move like a bird in the sky?

New secretary in the board team

New secretary in the board team

As of 18 March 2022, we have a new secretary on the board team:

Regina Keßler introduces herself:
Why I am engaged in the Fachverband:

Viktor E. Frankl recognised: “Man asks and ultimately searches for meaning.”
For me, Meditatin des Tanzes is, is an answer to the question of sense, because that is what the dances are about in a thematic sense,
what makes life worthwhile and valuable. The experience of this fullness of meaning and value has a healing effect.

With my commitment, I would like to contribute to other people experiencing of Meditation des Tanzes and its
can experience beneficial and healing effects. In the connectedness with other enthusiasts, one can mutually
inspire and complement.

Regina Kessler trained as a teacher of Meditation des Tanzes with Heidi Hafen and Marianne Baumann (2010-2012).
and completed advanced studies with Friedel Kloke-Eibl and Saskia Kloke (2018-2019). She is a teacher trained in logotherapy
and Existential Analysis according to Viktor E. Frankl

farewell to Ulrike Meister-Lucht
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulrike Meister-Lucht for her excellent work as secretary,
especially for her creative thoughts and the always exciting and interesting time together. She was a precious
help and she will be available to answer any questions we may have in the future. Which makes us very happy.

Open workshop of our professional association – “Finding peace in silence” 2 – 4 September 2022

Open workshop of our professional association – “Finding peace in silence” 2 – 4 September 2022

We would like to invite you to our open Workshop of the Fachverband.

Theme will be: “Find Peace within Silence”

It will be held by Friedel Kloke-Eobl and Saskia

September 2nd to 4th 2022 in Vallendar

Especially in these times of war in the Ukraine we keep asking each other: “How is ist possible that there is now another war in Europe? How can we deal with wars in the world outside and within ourselves?

Friedel writes: “As long as man lives on this earth, peace will be threatened always.. (…) It is essential, to fight in groups for peace and justice and to strive for a trustworthy, peaceful and creative cooperation within our dancing circles. (…) We shouldn`t forget: Within our hearts we`re all one.

Hoping that reflecting peace will be shining not only into our inner selves but also far beyond to the outside, we are looking forward very much to your participation in the workshop.

Flyer Registration with Ulla Röber