Annual meeting 2023 and open Workshop

Annual meeting 2023 and open Workshop

17 – 19 March 2023

” Moving into the unknown”

with Sandra Pawlig and Froukje Anjema

“I said to the angel:
Give me a light, so that I may dance safely
I can dance towards uncertainty.
But he answered:
Dance in the darkness
and put your right hand
into the hand of God
and take your left hand
the hand of your neighbour
and trust your intuition.”
(freely adapted from a traditional Chinese saying)

Location: Evangelische Akademie Meißen

Registration:Ulla Röber

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Annual Meeting 2022 and Open Workshop

Annual Meeting 2022 and Open Workshop

18. – 20. March 2022

„The path of the heart“

…and if I did not have love, I would be nothing….

1. Korinther 13,1

withJeaneth de Witte-Smit & Markus Sellner

Place: Haus Mariengrund, Münster

“Love is an indestructible force, the strongest in the universe.

We dance the way to grow into this powerful love.

Traditionally, they say of love:

The more you give, the more you receive.

If one allows oneself this experience, the following questions arise:

How can I make this love my own?

How can I ensure that it becomes an indestructible force within me?

And how can I become so loving that giving love does not exhaust me, but makes me stronger, and milder?” Hans Stolp

Registration:Ulla Röber


25 Years Fachverband

25 Years Fachverband

A quarter of a century of eventful and moving history of the association and its magazine Balance lies behind us.

We celebrate this anniversary under the theme “Timeless Joy” with a big open dance festival in the house of the Protestant Church in Bad Herrenalb.

Friedel Kloke-Eibl, Lehrbeauftragte from the Ausbildungsinstituts, Alfred Bast and other surprise guests join in this celebration of encounter and reunion.

Zeitlose Freude” zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum

Freitag, 27.08.2021 – Sonntag, 29.08.2021

Ort: Haus der Kirche – Evangelische Akademie Baden, D-76332 Bad Herrenalb

Email Ulla Röber