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The theme of the last Balance was called: Celebrate life – anyway. As a result, there was a very special festival this year: the Association for Meditation of Dance and the magazine Balance celebrated their 25th anniversary and at the same time the 80th birthday of their creator Friedel Kloke-Eibl, who brought both of them to life. At the end of August, these anniversaries were honored with a fantastically designed party in Bad Herrenalb. So that even those who could not be present in person can take part a little, you will find impressions and thoughts under ‘Fachverband’ and ‘Ausbildungsinstitut’, as well as an excerpt from the wonderful celebratory speech with which Alfred Bast honored Friedel and her work. 


We dedicate this balance to Friedel and her lecture ‘Walking the path of the heart’, knowing that she is describing her philosophy of life with it. We are all part of the dream that you made a reality through your life’s work and are allowed – some for a very long time, some only recently – to accompany you on the way and be inspired. As Alfred Bast explained, people are always included in her choreographies. In this post, she takes us on the three-step Celtic path of initiation: learn to love, learn to understand, learn to serve. This is followed by a description of the booklet ‘The Path of the Heart’, which contains lectures by the Dalai Lama and by Eugen Drewermann, which both of them on the occasion held an event on the theme of “The Search for the Peace Culture of Religions”; Carefully summarized and commented on by Gabriele Khoury. Prof. Dr. Evgeny Spodarev’s contribution ‘Paths of the Heart’, which he sees as concentrated in this sentence by the Dalai Lama: “If you can, serve others. If not, refrain from harming them. “

When I think about the path of the heart, I think that it should “actually” be very easy to walk, because it would be the one that suits us, with which we could express and meet with our innermost being. In fact, however, this core is probably overlaid by our biography, the spirit of the times, the expectations placed on us (or felt, assumed), the desire for recognition, success, material gain or by fears, self-doubt, so that it takes self-knowledge, similar to archaeological discoveries, to rediscover it or rediscover it. We can find valuable suggestions in the articles.



The dance described is by Saskia Kloke: Siegel des Herzens. This time, Jürgen Kadow, Christiane Haid and Alfred Bast designed the edition artistically.

Let yourself be inspired with joy and write to us. For the next Balance we have planned the title “Confidence”. We look forward to hear your ideas.

Carin Schreiber-Muller

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