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In view of the crises in the world and with no prospect of an end, the title “Departure into the Uncertain” seemed appropriate to us. It promises change, holds hope. We all dared the first departure into the unknown, our birth. In order to be able to live, it was necessary to leave the protective, constricted womb of the mother, despite the efforts and risks involved in being thrown into the world. Perhaps every departure is ‘born’ out of this necessity, when there is not enough room to live psychologically or physically? When staying is more unbearable than heading into an unknown future. Millions of refugees bear witness to this.

Our life consists of many such departures: school, separation from the parental home, separations, illnesses, professional changes, crises up to the great farewell into the most unknown of all uncertainties, death. We pass through these gates sometimes fearfully or anxiously, but also joyfully and curiously, in a mood of departure. The still foreign stimulates, offers to discover, enriches, is inevitable to mature, to see the wide sky, not to freeze.

Whoever eats from the tree of knowledge must leave paradise, according to the Old Testament. Adam and Eve chose this path, without it they would have remained unconscious. Since time immemorial, people have set out, discovered new continents, invented cars, trains, medicines, the Internet or founded the meditation of dance, followed their dreams or an inner urge, wanted to contribute something to evolution without knowing the result. With the meditation of dance we want to bring hope, beauty, peace and understanding into the world, to participate in its preservation. Will it succeed?

Read the wonderful thoughts of our authors on this subject. Sabine Grumann illuminates the current difficult world conflicts under the aspect of crisis and the open with profound reflections that invite us to think further. Christine Kondschak approaches the concepts of departure and the uncertain from a variety of perspectives. It poses the question of what vision the meditation of dance could follow. Christa Kattinger circles with poems and words the process of transformation and maturation of man and co-creation. Anja Lüpken tells of her adventure as a ‘field researcher’ in the meditation of dance. We can look forward to their results. Shakeh Tchilingirian lets us in on her feelings about starting over with dance after the Corona break. Julia Rhizoma ponders on a change of values away from profit and competition towards heart and mind, which, starting within the individual, continues to have an effect on the ‘cosmopolitan ocean of infinite possibilities’ in society.

You will find news from the training institute and professional association, the description to the dance trust of Friedel Kloke-Eibl, pictures of the artists Christiane Lesch and Julia Rhizoma and two impulses to Michael Patrick Kelly and Anna Platsch, presented by Ulla Röber.

Let us be encouraged and accept and dare the departure where it is in store for us.

Carin Schreiber-Muller

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