There are several ways to receive the Balance:

Membership incl. Balance-Membership

(Fachverband Meditation des Tanzes)

All members receive automatically the Balance free of charge at home. Access toBalance Online is also automatically included. This way you can also read the Balance in Englisch.


You can subscribe to Balanceindependently of membership of the Fachverband. The magazines will be sent to you free of charge. Access to Balance Online is automatically included in the subscription. This way you can also read the Balance in Englisch.

Jahresabonnement: 16 €

Gift Subscription

The balance as a special and beautiful surprise that remains in memory.

Twice a year, the person you want to give the gift to will receive the Balance at home, free of charge. You will receive the bill. The gift subscription ends automatically after two editions.
When you order, you will receive a gift voucher and the current issue of Balance to pass on to the person receiving the gift.

einmalig: 16 € /