As of 18 March 2022, we have a new secretary on the board team:

Regina Keßler introduces herself:
Why I am engaged in the Fachverband:

Viktor E. Frankl recognised: “Man asks and ultimately searches for meaning.”
For me, Meditatin des Tanzes is, is an answer to the question of sense, because that is what the dances are about in a thematic sense,
what makes life worthwhile and valuable. The experience of this fullness of meaning and value has a healing effect.

With my commitment, I would like to contribute to other people experiencing of Meditation des Tanzes and its
can experience beneficial and healing effects. In the connectedness with other enthusiasts, one can mutually
inspire and complement.

Regina Kessler trained as a teacher of Meditation des Tanzes with Heidi Hafen and Marianne Baumann (2010-2012).
and completed advanced studies with Friedel Kloke-Eibl and Saskia Kloke (2018-2019). She is a teacher trained in logotherapy
and Existential Analysis according to Viktor E. Frankl

farewell to Ulrike Meister-Lucht
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ulrike Meister-Lucht for her excellent work as secretary,
especially for her creative thoughts and the always exciting and interesting time together. She was a precious
help and she will be available to answer any questions we may have in the future. Which makes us very happy.