The FV Meditation des Tanzes celebrated its 25th anniversary in connection with Friedel’s 80th birthday in Bad Herrenalb with a wonderfully successful festival weekend.

In the seminar house specially booked for this occasion, over 90 participants met (mostly members of the FV), some of whom have been associated with the meditation of dance since the beginning, but also those who have only been inspired by it for a few years.

Under the motto “Timeless Joy”, teachers created individual dance units. Invited “special guests” who have accompanied Friedel’s path for many years, offered folklore or opportunities to sing.

Together with other artists and actors, they enriched the well-prepared celebration evening on Saturday with nostalgic, dancing and creative contributions to honor Friedel’s life’s work, to thank her and to celebrate the community that grew out of it.

Alfred Bast started the birthday party with an impressive performance. He shared deep thoughts about Friedel’s worldview and her work, about parallels and differences between her dance art and his artistic work with rhetorical and playful ease – a grandiose homage to Friedel and a pleasure for everyone.

You can read their impressions of this festival on their website: Mir zur Feier

Both dancing together and meeting people who had not seen each other for a long time and yet felt connected to one another through the meditation of the dance made many participants happy.

The festival weekend was ended with a Sunday attunement to live music.

The end of the circle with “One world – one mind – one love – we will find, on common ground, peace will be found, for all an earth” (Joanne Shenandoah) once again confirmed the vision that we all have in our hearts And that we all long for.