Where can I dance?

“Above all, to dance means to communicate, unite, meet, talk to the other, from your innermost being.”
Maurice Béjart

To connect with each other in a circle, to be touched by the beauty of the music, dance together and feel joy.

All over the world, there are dance groups that regularly come together to dance. Everyone is welcome to join.

Are you looking for a dance group, wherever you are? Have a look on our world map….

Would you like to get to know Meditation des Tanzes? Everyone is invited to join in – even without prior experience.

Maybe you find an opportunity near you.

Possibilities to dance

meditation des tanzes - sacred dance

Regular terms

Which trained teachers dance are in your area? Regular offers (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

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saltburn pier, pier, yorkshire


Workshops from the Fachverband

Dance days

Danceweekends and seminars

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sky, dawn, landscape

Basicourse and 3-years Training

Deepen the Meditation des Tanzes, experience and understand the essence and symbolism of the dances more intensively

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