Who are we

meditation des tanzes - sacred dance

Meditation des Tanzesappeals to our whole being, time and time again Music, dance and silence harmonise. From there, creativity and openness towards the community can arise in every one of us.

Our professional association, the Fachverband, is the meeting place for all who are touched and inspired by Meditation des Tanzes – Sacred Dance

Our goal is to preserve the dances and their philosophical background and carry them further into the world. We do this by organising courses and workshops and we offer our members a platform to reach out to each other, throughout the world.

Twice a year, we publish our magazine, Balance.

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What is Meditation des Tanzes?

Meditation des Tanzes is an invitation to set out on our path to find our own destination, a path to inner harmony. Bernhard Wosien laid the foundation for this.

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Connecting – dancing together – grow together
With membership, the idea of Meditation of Dance – Sacred Dance can be shared with others and the professional association Fachverband can grow as a dance community.

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meditation des tanzes - sacred dance


“Together with others
we achieve more than one man alone.”
(Dalai Lama)
In our Fachverband we work together in several teams, who are all connected.

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