“If one dreams alone, it’s only a dream.
When many dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality. Dream our dream.”
Dom Hélder Câmara



The Professional Association Fachverband Meditation of Dance was founded in 1996. All those who are involved in it work on a voluntary basis.

The board of the FV maintains contacts with the members and represents their interests. It is elected every two years at the general meeting. The board members work closely together. They come from several countries.

1. Chairman

Heidi Hafen
Florastrasse 5
CH – 8620 Wetzikon
Tel: 0041 44-932 62 82
Email to Heidi

2. Chairman

Jeaneth de Witte
Welhaak 31
NL7672 AB Vriezenveen
Tel: 0031 (0) 614450201
Email to Jeaneth


Regina Keßler
Am Rinzler 4
D-78465 Konstanz
Email an Regina


Ulla Röber
Brunnengasse 2
D -73557 Mutlangen
Tel: 0049-1727117231
Email to Ulla


Daniela Siegrist
Weiergrabenweg 60D
CH – 3612 Steffisburg
Tel: 004133 5341511
Email to Daniela

Balance Redaction

Since 1996, an editorial team has created the magazine Balance twice a year. The following women are currently members of the editorial team:

Barbara Meder, Carin Schreiber-Müller, Marianne Baumann, Ulla Röber, Christine Wohlfahrt


Since 2021 take care of all that is to be published and shared on the online dance forum:

Jeaneth de Witte-Smit Email to Jeaneth

Claudia Elisa Schraml-Tigler Email to Claudia Elisa